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Meet Morten

Morten Krogh Jensen Our automation expert with a passion for skiing

Who am I?

I am actually a qualified auditor, and I have worked as an auditor, but I also had my own company for some years. Establishing my own company became possible due to a coorporation I had in my work as an auditor. Our company worked with the planning, development and financing of the acquisition of wind turbines in Germany. After some years, I was diagnosed with cancer, and that changed me. I decided that I didn’t want to work 80 hours a week, but have a more “08:00 to 16:00” kind of job, where I could spend more time with my family.

How I make a difference?

I work as IT/ Software Development Manager, and my position has somehow grown in a way that is similar to the growth that we are experiencing in Eurowind. I spend a lot of my time planning and managing the IT development projects. In other words, I work on creating systems and automating processes that Eurowind can benefit from. Before this, I was the “go-to guy” for many of our controllers, enabling them to systematize their tasks. Our growth has required a smoother and more automated process, where we can do things smarter – for example making the hand-over of useful information from one department to another much easier.


I am highly motivated by the EWE mentality. I am blessed, because I have developed thanks to the company working with what interests me

I have been a part of Eurowind Energy since 2010, and my tasks have evolved over time. At the beginning, I started to assist the Country Manager at the time with finding suitable locations in Denmark. However, I also assisted the German market with information gained from my previous work in Germany. But things changed, and I started looking into how we could develop a new budgeting system that would suit us better, so I taught myself how to code. I have always had an interest in computers and coding, but I saw the chance to develop my skills even further within this area. Simply because it would be the smartest solution for Eurowind.

What drives me?

I am highly motivated by the EWE mentality. I am blessed, because I have developed thanks to the company working with what interests me. I thrive by seeing things from a helicopter perspective in order for us to develop better and smarter processes. But I wouldn’t have been a part of the EWE family for so many years if it didn’t have such amazing people. Because Eurowind really feels like my second family. I think I was employee number 25 or so, and we simply came to know each other better and deeper. I have, for example, arranged a skiing holiday for us, and this has actually continued to develop. I truly appreciate how we have got to know each other so much better on these holidays and at our social events. I would, without hesitation, advise some of my new potential colleagues to join us on our skiing holiday or at least participate in our social events. It gives so much value each day that we have a stronger relationship with one another.

Funfact: Besides being a qualified auditor, which I don’t think many of my newer colleagues know. I also consider myself as quite a nerd on many topics; for example, I like to build my own speakers. I am eager to know everything about processes, not just the result, but also the intermediate results. So, for me it is a natural thing to create things by myself.
Morten Krogh Jensen Morten Krogh Jensen, IT/ Software Development Manager

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