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Purpose and values

Our values shape us and define our actions every single day.

Our purpose is to make a positive impact in our world. 

Generating clean reliable electricity is the core in everything we do. It is important for us to conduct business in a sustainable way. Through our actions, we aim to make renewable energy accessible for more people around the world, and hereby make a solid impact on the global climate challenge. 

We are driven by our purpose and values with renewable energy at the core. 

Our purpose is clear: We want to play a significant role in the future energy society and the green transition based on a dedicated and focused effort on development, construction, operation and optimization of renewable energy, including ensuring the integration of different energy sources (PtX technologies) in our energy parks.

EW Dreng + Sol

We work tirelessly to create a world fueled on renewable energy, and our values plays a significant role in how we conduct business. 

We are driven by our core values.

Our values are a central part of our company. They impact the way we do business, how we treat our employees and is central in our DNA.

We deliver on our promises and even more.

We want to be known for our high standard of business ethics.

We wish to be the simple link to a complex market.

We want to generate results.

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