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Points of contact

We have offices located across Europe and in the US. Please find your point of contact and don't hesitate to get in touch.

Points of contact

If you have any questions, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Senior Management

Jens Rasmussen
CEO Jens Rasmussen
Søren Bæk Just
CFO Søren Bæk Just
Pia Fisker Olesen
COO Pia Fisker Olesen
Uffe Bak-Aagaard
Executive Advisor Uffe Bak-Aagaard

Our Management

Adrian Dobre
Country Manager Romania Adrian Dobre
Anders Widman
Head of Nordics & Baltics Anders Widman
Andrzej Skrzypczak
Senior Project Manager Andrzej Skrzypczak
Anette Christensen
Manager, Financial Asset Management Anette Christensen
Axel Kurzke
Teamleiter Recht under Vertragsmanagement Axel Kurzke
Benjamin Schmitt
Head of Project Finance Benjamin Schmitt
Bo Bloch
Group Head of Tax & Sustainability Bo Bloch
Bo Schøler
President of Eurowind Energy US Development LLC Bo Schøler
Bogdan Nicolaescu
Head of Development Romania Bogdan Nicolaescu
Charlotte Sejersbøll
Head of Commercial Asset Management Charlotte Sejersbøll
Christian Tietze
Büroleiter Leipzig Christian Tietze
Clare Walters
Country Manager United Kingdom Clare Walters
Claus Just Pedersen
Manager - Development Claus Just Pedersen
Claus Kirk Laursen
Finance Manager Denmark Claus Kirk Laursen
Dirk Donath
Teamleiter Projektinitiierung und Innovationsprojekte Dirk Donath
Elena Markova
Country Manager Bulgaria Elena Markova
Elżbieta Popowska
Head of Legal Department Elżbieta Popowska
Fabian Arnecke
Teamleiter Projektentwicklung Hamburg Fabian Arnecke
Gitte Munkholm Stadsgaard
Head of Communication & Marketing Gitte Munkholm Stadsgaard
Hans-Hermann Zacharias
Büroleiter Marburg Hans-Hermann Zacharias
Henrik Bøker Nielsen
Investor Administration Manager Henrik Bøker Nielsen
Henrik Lykke Sørensen
Head of PtX Competence center Henrik Lykke Sørensen
Ionut Lita
Head of Wind Romania Ionut Lita
Jacob Staflin
Head of Asset Management Jacob Staflin
Jakob Kirkegaard Kortbæk
Partner Jakob Kirkegaard Kortbæk
Jeppe Udby
Global Development Director Jeppe Udby
Jesper B. Thing
Group Finance Jesper B. Thing
Jesper Düring
Commercial Director Jesper Düring
Jesper Houe
Country Manager Denmark Jesper Houe
Jesper Laursen
Head of Technical Asset Management Jesper Laursen
Joachim Steenstrup
Head of External Affairs & Strategy Joachim Steenstrup
Malene Petersen
Manager, Marketing and Communication Malene Petersen
Karen Sofie Rahbek
Treasury Manager Karen Sofie Rahbek
Karolina Talarek
Head of EPC Poland Karolina Talarek
Klaus Heckenberger
Geschäftsführer Klaus Heckenberger
Kristoffer Sandberg
Head of Transactions Kristoffer Sandberg
Lars Villumsen
Head of Legal M&A Lars Villumsen
Lasse Yde Holst
Head of Legal Operations Lasse Yde Holst
Lotte Pape Topholt
Head of IT Lotte Pape Topholt
Louise Thomsen
Manager of Special Tasks Louise Thomsen
Maiken K. Sanderhoff
Manager of Operations (Group) Maiken K. Sanderhoff
Michael H. Skov
Head of Eastern Europe and UK Michael H. Skov
Małgorzata Szambelańczyk
Country Manager / Head of Development Poland Małgorzata Szambelańczyk
Marco Caminiti
Head of Business Development Italy Marco Caminiti
Morten Gaarde
Head of EPC Morten Gaarde
Nina Bødker
Project Manager – Planner Nina Bødker
Olaf Pötter
Büroleiter Neuruppin Olaf Pötter
Pedro Gomes Pereira
Managing Director Southern Europe Pedro Gomes Pereira
Peter Hegeduš
Executive / Country Manager Slovakia Peter Hegeduš
Pia M. Johansen
Manager of Corporate Investor Relations Pia M. Johansen
Piotr Ostrowski
Board Member / Finance Manager Piotr Ostrowski
Pontus Hallbäck
Country Manager Sweden Pontus Hallbäck
Rasmus Bernsdorf
Head of Biogas Rasmus Bernsdorf
Rikke Alkert
Head of HR Rikke Alkert
Rikke Gammeltoft
Manager of Group Reporting and Consolidation Rikke Gammeltoft
Samuel Martinez Perez
Head of Business Development Spain Samuel Martinez Perez
Steen Barsdal Bak
Manager Solar Asset Management Steen Barsdal Bak
Tuuli Vapaavuori-Vartiainen
Country Manager Finland Tuuli Vapaavuori-Vartiainen
Wojciech Grześkowiak
Head of Asset Management Poland Wojciech Grześkowiak