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Green power sales

We mean it when we say that we are the simple link to a complex market. By entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), we ensure that you are provided with green electricity.

Green power sales

We deliver green power from our renewable energy sources.

We can secure your future energy costs - and make it green

CPPAs (Corporate Power Purchase Agreements) come in many shades of green. By entering into a CPPA with Eurowind Energy, we will deliver green electricity to your company, based on your needs. A CPPA can secure your future energy costs in a volatile market for both a short and long-term perspective. This gives your company the full transparency of your energy cost and, at the same time, the value of being green.

Reduce your carbon footprint with us as your trusted partner

By committing to a CPPA, your company is participating in creating a green future, not only for your business, but for everyone. The CPPA can strengthen your company profile as a responsible counterparty towards your clients, by showing you are taking responsibility and are part of the green transition. At the same time, the CPPA will help your company reduce its carbon footprint.  

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We are in this business for the development of the industry. For the refinement of future power supplies.

If you are interested in hearing more about PPA, please contact

Jesper Düring
Commercial Director Jesper Düring · [email protected]
Michael Bendixen
Senior Portfolio Manager - Products & Markets Michael Bendixen · [email protected]