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Meet René

René Kammersgaard Our mountain-biking Project Manager in EPC

Who am I?

I have an have an Academy Profession Degree in Financial Management with export as an area of specialization. My previous job was with Global Wind Power in Thisted, where I was employed for 10 years. My job consisted of being the link between our company and all our foreign projects, both from the office and on site. I became familiar with Eurowind when Global Wind Power sold their TCM business to Eurowind, and I’ve always considered Eurowind as a decent and trustworthy company to do business with. It was a company on a great journey, and I didn’t even get to apply for the job before I was offered a position similar to the one I had.

How do I make a difference?

I work as a Senior Project Manager in EPC, and I love my job! I usually retrieve a project from one of our Development Departments in Denmark or abroad, and I make sure that we have the necessary permissions to start building our wind parks or solar parks. What is important to remember here is that my colleagues have spent between 5-7 years on the project before it lands on my desk. I foresee agreements with contractors, municipalities, suppliers, landowners etc. One could say that I am like a spider in a giant web trying to connect all the dots. When my part is finalized and the project is built, I hand the project over to our TCM department.

JBN RENE 02574

This is not just a place where you are a colleague. There is something more to it.

What drives me?

I truly love my job! There is so much freedom with responsibility. You actually have the chance to be the “lone wolf” if you want; you just have to show progress and contribute to an overall good atmosphere. There is a great bond between us as colleagues and also between the different departments and countries. One of the things that I value in my job, besides the exciting tasks and flexibility, is the human aspect that there is in a position such as mine. I am in dialogue with many different kinds of people, and I really like that.

When talking about what drives me, I have to mention my colleagues. This is not just a place where you are a colleague. There is something more to it. You actually want to talk to your colleagues, and you are genuinely interested in them. Every day is filled with joy, passion and great opportunities to develop your job. 


Funfact: Fun fact about me… That’s a difficult one. I don’t think I have any in particular. I mountain bike a lot, and I actually got a new hip back in 2020, simply because my way of running was “wrong”. Another one could be that the fact that I am a cat person. My kids sometimes say that I give our cat more love than I give them.
René Kammersgaard René Kammersgaard, Project Manager

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