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Meet René

René Kammersgaard The mountain-biking EPC project manager

Who am I?

I studied financial management, specialising in exports. My previous job was with Global Wind Power in Thisted, where I worked for 10 years. My role was to act as the link between the company and all our foreign projects, working from the office and on site. I became familiar with Eurowind when Global Wind Power sold its TCM business to the company, and I’ve always thought of Eurowind as a decent and trustworthy company to do business with. It was a company on a great journey, and I was offered a position before I even had time to apply for the job myself.

How do I make a difference?

I work as a senior project manager in EPC, and I love what I do! I usually take a project from one of our development departments in Denmark or abroad – where the team will have spent anything from five to seven years on the project before it lands on my desk – and make sure we have the right planning permission to start building our wind or solar parks. I plan for agreements with contractors, local authorities, suppliers, landowners and more. You could say that I am like a spider in a giant web trying to connect everything together. When my part is finished and the park is built, I hand the project over to our TCM department.

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This isn’t an ordinary workplace. It’s something more.

What drives me?

I truly love my job! There is so much freedom – which always comes with responsibility, of course. You can even be a bit of a “lone wolf” if you want. All you have to do is show you’re making progress and contributing to the overall positive atmosphere. There is a great bond between us as colleagues and also between the different departments and countries. One of the things that I value in my job, besides the interesting work and flexibility, is the human aspect in a role like mine. I interact with a lot of different people, and I really enjoy that.

When talking about what drives me, I have to mention my colleagues. This isn’t an ordinary workplace. It’s something more. It’s a place where you want to connect with your co-workers, and you are genuinely interested in them. Every day is filled with joy, passion and great opportunities to develop your role

Fun fact: That’s a tricky one! I’m not sure I can think of one in particular. I mountain bike a lot, and I actually got a new hip back in 2020. I’d been running the “wrong” way, apparently. Also, I’m a cat person. My kids sometimes joke that I’m nicer to the cat than I am to them.
René Kammersgaard René Kammersgaard, Project Manager

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