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Meet Tomasz

Tomasz Szlachetka The global expert with a passion for gaming

Who am I?

I have an MA in European Studies from Aalborg University, and I first became acquainted with the renewable energy industry during my internship at Marigerfjord business council. I was employed to investigate the renewable energy potential in the area and to tap into it. This involved examining the work of established companies in this sector, such as Eurowind Energy, in order to attract new investments. This internship truly kickstarted my passion for renewable energy. After finishing my internship and master’s degree in 2011, I applied for a job as a project assistant here at Eurowind. I have been a part of the company ever since. I originally come from Poland, but I have lived in Denmark most of my life, and I went to school in Hobro. I feel like I have always known Eurowind, because it is one of the biggest businesses in the town.

Eurowind also made it possible for my wife and I to live and grow here in Denmark. During my studies, I went on holiday to Poland, where I met my wife, Elzbieta Dyrkacz-Szlachetka. We decided to see if we could make a go of it, and we were long-distance for three years. Then we came to a crossroads where we needed to decide if I should move back to Poland or she should come to Denmark. We decided on Denmark as I already had a job with Eurowind, and we then had to find a job for Elzbieta. Elzbieta came to Denmark without speaking Danish, and she needed to learn the language to access the job market – but she needed eight hours’ work a week to attend courses. I asked our CEO if it was possible for Eurowind to find some hours of work for her, so she could start learning Danish, and they did. She started an eight-hour week at Eurowind, as well as beginning her Danish language course. Elzbieta quickly became interested in her role in the technical department and in the renewable energy sector as a whole. Six months later, she was offered a full-time role as an asset management assistant in the department and has been here ever since.

JBN EUROWIND 090322 00892

One of the things I value the most is that people listen to the ideas I bring to the table.

How do I make a difference?

I work as a business development manager focusing on Eastern Europe, and my main role is to analyse the business potential of the new projects that our markets bring for consideration. Furthermore, I conduct research into new markets in Eastern Europe as well as developing new strategic business partnerships in new and existing markets. Supporting our project development departments in the different countries and tapping into our specialist expertise across Europe to bring the best projects to market are key aspects of my work. 

I have had multiple roles in my time with Eurowind. I started out as a project assistant, where my main role was assisting with planning new wind projects in Denmark. After a year, I became involved in the project planning and sale of rooftop PV systems, and later in the budgeting and financing of larger-scale PV projects in Romania. After the commissioning of our Romanian PV projects, I was redeployed to the t2echnical department and worked as a technical project manager for five years, where my main role was technical monitoring and management of our operational wind turbines in Denmark and Germany and reporting on their performance. In 2021, I was asked if I would contribute to business development throughout Eastern Europe as a business development manager, which I accepted. You could say that I am the link in the Development department between Denmark and our other markets in Eastern Europe.

What drives me?

I am highly motivated by working with renewable energy. One of the things I value the most is that people listen to the ideas I bring to the table. The cooperation between the departments and the countries runs smoothly. I think this is an exciting industry, and if you are keen on being a part of an international company in a sustainable growth sector, where your opinion matters, Eurowind is the place to be.

Fun fact: I like mountain biking and going on hiking trips with my wife and our dog. I also spend my time gaming online with friends. I play shooting games that keep my reactions sharp and strategy games that stimulate my mind.
Tomasz Szlachetka Tomasz Szlachetka , Business Development Manager

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