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Meet Claus

Claus Just Pedersen The farmer turned project manager

Who am I?

I used to be a farmer and ran my own farm for over 15 years. For many of those years, I had land-leasing contracts with Eurowind for wind turbines and solar power projects on my property, so I was already aware of the company. That came in handy when I decided I wanted to do something new. I wanted to work with the agricultural sector from a different perspective, so I applied for a role at Eurowind as a project manager in the Danish development department. I got the job, and I’ve been with the company since November 2020.

How do I make a difference?

As a project manager in the Danish development department, I reach out to farmers who might be interested in having wind turbines or solar parks on their property. My job is to make the initial contact, then set up the land-leasing contracts for the specific area. Then I move onto the next steps, working with neighbours and other local actors. You get very close to people: farming is a business with a lot of emotions attached to it. I often draw on my own background as a farmer to connect with people and give them a sense of security, because I actually know how they feel. I’m glad that we do business on a personal level at Eurowind. After all, these projects are not just important to us, but also to them. Being able to get out there and connect with former colleagues from the farming industry and negotiate in an area where I have expertise is another big plus for me.


I value the common pioneering spirit that the company is built on. And I can really sense that my colleagues take this to heart.

What drives me?

The sense of togetherness and team spirit in the office is a major motivator. I value the common pioneering spirit that the company is built on. And I can really sense that my colleagues take this to heart. It’s more than just a job. There’s space to get on with your work, and space to have a laugh with your colleagues at your desk. There’s nothing stiff or reserved about it. There’s a kind and friendly atmosphere and room to contribute your own ideas.

We are also a private company, and we reap the rewards of that: management celebrates holidays, birthdays and the approval of new projects by doing a little extra for us. They understand that they are not superior to their employees, which creates a great atmosphere. My advice to new employees: just be yourself and you will gradually become a part of the community.

Fun fact: Even though I’m no longer involved in farming, I still spend a lot of my free time on my farm. We still have some cattle and we’ve rented out the stables for animals in quarantine. I’m a family man, too: I’ve got two lively little boys, and I follow them as they chase their dreams.
Claus Just Pedersen Claus Just Pedersen, Project Manager

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