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Project development

Energy is our core business. Worldwide. We are your professional partner throughout the entire project lifecycle: from identifying areas for establishing wind, solar, and hybrid parks, securing the financial agreements, achieving planning permission and ensuring that the project will be a part of our long track record of realized projects.

Project development

The production of power from renewable energy sources is increasing rapidly, and the future is green

The power from wind and solar delivers a significant contribution to Europe's power production and the same applies to the US. A central part of our core business is project development.

“We identify opportunities. Then we seize them.”

1. Opportunities

Identifying opportunities is essential in creating business.

Identification and screening of opportunities is carried out  by our own offices, our partnerships, joint ventures and via external parties. We have the in-depth knowledge which enabels us to  screen and  take forward the better opportunities.

Once the sites have been identified, a thorough resource assessment and  technical analysis is performed, including wind measurements,,  grid connection, as well as assessment of environmental impacts.

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“We choose the proper location. Then we implement.”

2. Development

When an area is assessed as suitable, we carry out the necessary steps in cooperation with the authorities, both national and local, to prepare and submit the appropriate documents to secure planning permission.

Our close relationship with landowners,  developers, and relevant stakeholders ensures that we have a clear view of the risks involved in the development of the projects.

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“We undertake the groundwork . Then we deliver.”

3. Community Engagement

The involvement of local residents and stakeholders is essential, as early as possible in the process. It is important to understand and address any issues they may have.

At Eurowind Energy, the importance of a broad  stakeholder involvement is vital. Typically, local involvement includes but is not limited to close neighbouring  sites, landowners, local residents ,Parish or Community  Councils ,and the Local Authority.

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“We build energy projects. Then, we produce power.”

4. Construction

Before construction, we ensure  that all necessary permits are available, including legal due diligence of the project permits as well as financial due diligence. We have a strong track record for delivering projects and infrastructure, such as cables and roads on time and to budget.

The construction takes place in cooperation with, and in compliance with, all parties involved in the project. After a successful and turn-key construction, the wind turbines or solar plants are prepared for grid connection and commissioning.

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“We manage your investment. Then we make it grow.”

5. Operation

As part of our strategy to be an independent power producer, we aim to retain our ownership of the projects and assets.

After construction, the management of the parks is handed over to our Asset Management department to optimize the parks, which includes technical, commercial and financial aspects.

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6. Operation - Divestment

We also divest projects either partly or fully. The divestments are made to long-term investors.

Together with the divestment, we often enter into a long-term asset management contract to optimize production, ensure full value from the money spent, and to minimize operating costs to create the highest value for investors.

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If you are interested in hearing more about how we do project development, please contact us!

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Country Manager United Kingdom Clare Walters ·
Jeppe Udby
Head of Project Development Jeppe Udby ·