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Project development

Energy: it’s what we do. All over the world. As professional partners, we’re here to support you every step of the way: from choosing where to set up wind, solar, and hybrid parks to securing the financing needed to fuel them. Your venture will join a long line of renewable energy projects we’ve powered to success.

Project development

The future is green: renewable energy production is growing rapidly

Wind and solar power play a major part in energy production across Europe and in the US, too. Project development is key to our core business. As professional partners, we’re here to support you every step of the way in your renewable energy journey: from choosing where to set up wind, solar, and hybrid parks to securing the financing needed to fuel them. Your venture will join a long line of projects we’ve powered to success.

“We identify opportunities in sustainable energy sources. Then we grab them with both hands.”

1. Opportunities

The ability to identify opportunities is essential for generating business.

Opportunities are identified and screened by our offices, our partnerships and joint ventures, and external parties. Our expertise helps us assess these opportunities in renewable energy solutions, and we only move forward with those that offer the most potential.

Once a site and point of interconnection have been identified, we conduct an in-depth resource assessment and analysis, including wind and solar measurements, land lease negotiations, site access with regard to landowners and grid connection, and environmental impact assessment.


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“We choose the right location for your renewable energy project. Then we take action.”

2. Development

Once we have decided an area is right for us, we co-operate with national and local authorities where necessary, for instance, to secure the required permits.

We strive for close relationships with landowners and developers, ensuring a clear understanding of the risks involved in developing renewable energy projects.

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“We prepare the infrastructure. Then we deliver.”

3. Local involvement

Involving local residents and stakeholders in the process of establishing renewable energy projects is crucial as soon as possible. It is important to understand and address any concerns they may have about sustainable energy sources. 

At Eurowind Energy, inclusion matters to us. Landowners, immediate neighbors, residents and municipalities are typically all involved on a local level.

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“We build renewable energy projects. Then we create power.”

4. Construction

Before we start building, we make sure we have all the necessary permits, including legal and financial due diligence inspection and evaluation of the renewable energy project. We have a strong track record of delivering projects on time and on budget, including infrastructure such as cables and roads.

Construction takes place in cooperation and coordination with all project stakeholders. Once the turn-key plant is completed and handed over to the owner, wind turbines or solar energy facilities are prepared for grid connection and commissioning.

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“We manage your renewable energy investment. Then we create growth.”

5. Operation

Our strategy is to stay independent as an energy supplier. As such, we aim to retain ownership of our projects and assets. You can read more about investment in renewable energy here.

Following construction, our Asset Management team takes over the management of renewable energy parks. Their aim is to optimise the parks from a technical, commercial, and financial perspective.

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6. Operation - Divestment

We also sell renewable energy projects in full or in part. The divestments are made to long-term investors.

In connection with divestment, we often enter into long-term asset management contracts to optimise production and return on investment and to minimise operating costs, creating maximum value for investors.

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To find out more about our approach to project development, get in touch.

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Country Manager Denmark Jesper Houe · [email protected]
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Global Development Director Jeppe Udby · [email protected]
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Investor Administration Manager Henrik Bøker Nielsen · [email protected]
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Partner Jakob Kirkegaard Kortbæk · [email protected]