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Asset management

Skilled and experienced asset managers of wind and solar parks, we take care of every aspect, from technical elements to the business side.

Asset management

We draw on our scale and experience to optimise the performance of every single wind and solar park we operate.

Your assets are in safe hands

In a large portfolio, key parameters for increasing revenue and reducing operating costs include focused ongoing assessment and analysis of framework agreements for services, insurance, IT, maintenance/monitoring and selling electricity.

We ensure optimum output

We draw on our experience and the size of our portfolio to ensure optimum output from every wind and solar park we operate. As asset owners ourselves, we understand the importance of an ongoing focus on the full value chain. When you leave asset management to us, every aspect of your assets is in safe hands.

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Technical asset management focusing on sustainable energy sources

We monitor every wind and solar park every single day. Because we care.

We monitor our portfolio of wind and solar parks remotely on a daily basis. This allows us to react instantly when a breakdown occurs and supply outage information to your energy trading company. We also work with local partners who can quickly arrive on site and resolve disruptions.

For the purposes of technical operations management, our customers have access to EWE Investor, an online portal we developed ourselves. This offers customers swift and direct access to information on their assets.

The portal provides an overview of information on each park, including areas such as production, budgets, and potential park adjustments, as well as relevant documents, such as inspection reports, meeting minutes, and accounts. There is also a logbook containing details of any downtime events as well as scheduled and unscheduled services, maintenance, curtailments, etc., alongside comments from the relevant manager.

Analyses and reporting

We prepare reports and analyses for all the wind and solar parks we operate on an ongoing basis. This offers our customers valuable insights into how their assets are running. Calculating production losses due to downtime provides important information for making improvements or asserting claims with regard to availability guarantees, insurance, additional services, etc.

We initiate and supervise all legally required inspections and planned services. Our experienced inspection teams carry out regular on visits and visual inspections.

We take care of all technical requirements for public grid connections, including securing approval of reference values, handling contracts and checking grid compliance. Organising and coordinating the necessary switching operations is also part of our remit.

Solar park maintenance  

Cost-efficient maintenance of solar parks is crucial, and we achieve this without compromising on quality. We have experience running solar parks remotely and onsite, giving us a major head start in terms of finding and assessing faults and defects. You can read more about the process of project development of renewable energy solutions here. 

We work closely with electricians and livestock farmers, among other local actors, wherever we can in order to monitor our parks day in, day out.

We want to be trailblazers in the integration of renewable energy into the grid.

Commercial asset management

Economies of scale

Our substantial portfolio of wind and solar parks means we play a major role in the market. This gives us the bargaining power to secure the most competitive prices from external suppliers with regard to service agreements, insurance, inspections, and more. Economies of scale are in play – and we benefit from them. You can read more about green energy sales here. 

We monitor supplier performance on an ongoing basis and are prepared to challenge suppliers if need be. We take a position and defend it.

Operating a wind or solar park might look easy, but it entails many different agreements and obligations beneath the surface. We help you keep on top of these.

Financial asset management of renewable energy projects

Accounting isn’t for everyone, but it’s a crucial part of what we do.

We take care of bookkeeping and accounting for our customers. This includes paying invoices, preparing VAT settlements, cash flow budgets and forecasts, and handling annual accounts. We communicate and coordinate with entities including banks, tax advisors, insurance companies, and landowners.

We offer consultancy services regarding the financing of wind and solar park projects – helping to ensure you get the best deal.

We also offer administration services, such as organising board and general meetings.


We work with external auditors to ensure annual financial statements are in impeccable condition. Close collaboration between our qualified accountants and auditors ensures the large number of annual reports we handle each year are dealt with appropriately.

If you’d like to know more about our asset management services, get in touch.

Jacob Staflin
Head of Asset Management Jacob Staflin · [email protected]
Henrik Bøker Nielsen
Investor Administration Manager Henrik Bøker Nielsen · [email protected]