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Renewable energy is never alternative

The wind powers our lives and pushes us forward. It’s a force for change in motion, shaping and shifting the world around us. It fuels our vision for the future – one where renewables aren’t just an alternative, but the main source.

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Renewable energy is
never alternative
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When it comes to change, we don’t hold back. We take bold leaps from a solid base of expertise. We’re a powerful voice from the front line of innovation in the industry.

Energy: it’s what we do 

We are wind farm project developers and owners, first and foremost. We know the energy business inside and out. From wind to sun, making a success of renewables is priority number one. We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to promote our business, develop the industry and expand energy supply, all with the aim of generating future growth.

A pioneering approach

We identify opportunities and grab them by both hands. We make bold yet meaningful investments and empower pioneering industry partners to push things forward. This gives our voice extra force.

Innovation: it’s in our nature. Wind and sun are natural wonders of our world – but they’re so much more, too. They’re the force that drives us forward in our pursuit of a future fuelled by renewables.

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Managing investments. Creating growth.

Powered by our people

The future’s in renewables – and in our people. Our aim is to inspire and grow great talent, offering it space to thrive and achieve new heights. As a global team built on togetherness, we celebrate our successes together.

Looking to grow your skills and expand your horizons? Get on board and let’s fuel the future together.

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Key figures fuelled by powerful performance. Wind and solar power plants are our speciality.


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