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New at Eurowind Energy

We succeed together

Eurowind Energy is a place for doers with a passion for making a difference. We are pioneers within our hearts and are transforming our industry in our unstoppable pursuit to create a future fueled on nothing but renewable energy. The only way to succeed in this is by working together – across divisions and countries.

Passion is our fuel, and by supporting each other every step of the way – from creating lasting energy solutions worldwide to making use of a new internal system – we are always moving towards the same goal. But for us to make a difference requires great people! We are therefore excited to have you on board and we are always looking for even more passionate people to help us write the next chapter for the future of renewable energy.

Eurowind Energy DNA

Our core values are reliability, loyalty, simplicity, and productivity. Our approach to conducting business is proper and decent, and we have a strong sense of making long-term partnerships with our suppliers and employees. We aim to be the market leader within renewable energy solutions, as we believe that fossil fuels are at an end game.

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What we do - in short

You probably already know something about what we do, but to sum up, we have made it easy for you to get an idea of the company that you will soon become a part of.

Eurowind Energy is a renewable energy company with the purpose of making a positive impact in our world by generating clean reliable electricity via green energy solutions. We want to play a significant role in the future energy society and the green transition based on a dedicated and focused effort on renewable energy ensuring the integration of different energy sources and technology in our energy parks. We are a wind developer that also has the ability to develop, construct and operate solar, batteries, electrolyzers and other technologies to offer an even broader value-added chain of renewable energies.

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Your journey

The contract is signed and sealed, and we are quite excited to have you onboard very soon. 

This also means that you now officially have started your Eurowind Energy journey, and you can expect us to have a plan ready for you when you start. During your first weeks you will participate in a range of introductions that teaches you more about Eurowind Energy and the energy industry. 

In order to succeed in the best possible way with your onboarding, we must promise each other ongoing dialogue and openness about your needs. This enables us together to be able to create the best possible conditions for your first period with us. You know your worth. So do we. Therefore, we trust that when you proceed with your own goals, you are helping to achieve ours at the same time. 

Go find your Employee Handbook on EwerSite!

But what is EwerSite?

EwerSite is our global intranet and the place where you will be able to find most information. You will find contact details of all of your colleagues as well as guidelines, policies and templates. Needless to say that EwerSite is an important place to know and make use of. 

Eurowind Energy Employee Handbook

One of the first things you should become acquainted with is our Employee Handbook. In there, you find relevant information that applies to your terms of employment. We believe that every employee has a responsibility to be acquainted with the information given in the handbook, while we, of course, are responsible for keeping the handbook up to date. 

You have received an e-mail with login information from your future manager. With this information, you are able to log in and learn more about being employed at Eurowind Energy. 

Find the Eurowind Energy Employee Handbook here

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Our people promise

We are compassionate and each has a voice that counts

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying, or violence. We are open and inclusive. We make EWE
a place where we all feel we belong, and where we feel safe and confident to speak up. Together, WE make EWE the best place to work.

We are stronger and better together

First and foremost, together we can climb the highest mountains. We are one huge, diverse, and growing team, united by a desire to do our very best to create a world fueled by nothing but renewable energy. We learn from each other, support each other, respect our different competencies and take time to celebrate successes.

We work flexibly with respect to your private life

We only have this one life, and no one should have to sacrifice their family, their friends or their interests for work. We have predictable and flexible working patterns – and, if we do need to take time off, we are supported to do so.

We strive for development

Opportunities to learn and develop are plentiful, and we are all supported to reach our potential. We have equal access to opportunities. We attract, develop and retain talented people from all backgrounds.

We create green solutions for our common world

Every single day, we work to create a better tomorrow. Our renewable energy and sustainability focus reflects in everything we do.