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Howpark Solar Farm

Howpark Solar Farm

Park information

The Scottish Borders


15 MW

Installed Capacity (Direct Current)


Households supplied with green electricity (based on our yearly expected production in our portfolio)

40 years

Lifespan of the Solar Farm

Project History

Howpark Wind Farm is Eurowind Energy’s first UK (soon to be) operational asset. The 16-Megawatt (MW) project consists of eight Vestas V80 wind turbines; the turbines have a hub height of 60 m and a tip height of 100 m.

Eurowind Energy is seeking consent from Scottish Border Council for a solar photovoltaic generation station at the site of our wind farm to maximise the existing wind farm grid connection. This is in line with our ambition to create ‘hybrid parks’ at our sites.

Further information on our Howpark Solar Farm is presented below on this webpage. Further information on our Howpark Wind Farm project can be found here.

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Introducing a new solar project

A new solar photovoltaic project at Howpark is under development. We are maximising our 16-Megawatt (MW) wind farm grid connection by connecting a new solar project to the same connection. By installing solar at Howpark, we will better ensure that green electricity is always being produced – when the wind is not blowing, the solar project generates green electricity for the National Grid, and vice versa.

The project is located in the Scottish Borders, Berwickshire, approximately 2 km to the northeast of Grantshouse, as shown on the map.

The solar farm will produce up to 15 MW (Direct Current) of electricity, exporting circa 12 MW (Alternative Current) to the national grid.

Site Location V1 20230504

Project Status

  • The project team submitted a Screening Request to the Scottish Borders Council; the Council subsequently responded to confirm that the project was a non-Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The screening request and response can be viewed on the Council planning portal using the following reference: 23/0031/SCR.
  • Following confirmation that the project is non-EIA; the project team will complete the remaining environmental surveys and formulate a planning application in line with the screening request/response.

  • Eurowind Energy hopes to submit the planning application for Howpark Solar Farm in late summer 2023. Once the application is registered at the Council a new reference number will be published on this website and members of the public can comment on the application using the planning portal.

Contact us

For further information, please contact us by email using the following email address: [email protected]