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Reuse of Turbines

Reuse of Turbines

Reuse of Turbines

Eurowind Energy A/S has managed to reuse a number
of old wind turbines at new sites, thereby managing
to double their life expectancy. The refurbishment of
turbines for the Scottish Howpark project is performed
by various independent subcontractors in Denmark,
whereas the refurbishment of turbines for the Sicilian
Amuni project is done by Vestas. Afterwards the turbines
are shipped to their new site.

The business model of reusing turbines allows Eurowind
Energy A/S to access wind projects that have received
past consent from the authorities, but which limits
turbine size. At Howpark, approx. 2.8km north-east of
Grantshouse, the Scottish Borders Council granted
planning consent for the wind park with eight Vestas
V80 wind turbines, 2 MW at a maximum hub height
of 60m and maximum tip height of 100m. However,
Vestas does not produce the V80 turbines any longer.


Therefore, it made both business and environmental
sense to reuse eight turbines at the site.
The turbines for Howpark arrived from Germany
where they had been decommissioned after 15 years
in operation. Sustainability was a consideration in the
project. For example, the original turbine gearbox oil
was drained and stored when the turbines were taken

Now unsuitable for gearbox use, the oil will be reused in
the tower damping systems, eliminating the requirement
to buy new oil for this and reducing the amount of waste
oil generated during the project. The project sets new
standards for wind park sustainability and as such is a
perfect fit with the ambitions of Eurowind Energy A/S, to
develop a position as a leading developer and operator
of sustainable energy projects.

If having any questions regarding the case please contact:

Bo Bloch
Group Head of Tax & Sustainability Bo Bloch · [email protected]
Claus Kirk Laursen
Finance Manager Denmark Claus Kirk Laursen · [email protected]