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Fair Work First

Eurowind Energy Limited Fair Work First Policy Statement

At Eurowind Energy Limited (EWE), investing in renewable energy is at the core of our business. We want to play a key role in ensuring Scotland’s future clean energy supply.

Our mission is to identify renewables opportunities in Scotland and seize them. A cleaner, greener future for Scotland is never alternative.

This mission starts in our workplace, where EWE is committed to the principles of Fair Work First.

Fair Work First is the Scottish Government’s flagship policy for driving high quality and fair work across the labour market in Scotland by applying fair work criteria to grants, other funding and contracts being awarded by and across the public sector, where it is relevant to do so. At Eurowind Energy, we believe Fair Work can boost productivity and realise untapped potential and benefits the employees, EWE and the wider society.

EWE has adopted policies which support a positive working environment. Particular emphasis is placed upon the five dimension of Fair Work as set out by the Fair Work Convention and how these are applied to EWE. 

You can read more about Eurowind Energy's Fair Work Dimension and how these are applied here.