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Meet Henrik

Henrik Lykke Sørensen Our Senior Business Developer and sailing expert

Who am I?

I am an engineer and I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and  I have been a part of Eurowind Energy since September 2020. During my career as an engineer, I have always worked with developing more efficient solutions within energy consumption. I have previously been part of a company that specializes in developing pumps for the marine industry – working towards a more sustainable industry by reducing the carbon footprint in the marine industry overall. I also have experience from the wind industry and Grundfos in previous positions. So, starting at Eurowind Energy was not such a big change for me. It was really just a change back to the energy sector. A sector that I am very fond of.

How do I make a difference?

As a Senior Business Developer within Strategic Business Development, my job is to develop business models for our Power-to-X projects and to find solutions for how we can integrate Power-to-X with our wind and solar parks. One of my first tasks was to develop the overall strategy for Power-to-X together with the country managers, management, and board.  The whole Power-to-X industry is relatively new and it comes with a new business area. This also makes it even more exciting for me to work with especially since I can influence how we do things and how I structure my own work day. I have a good work day every day. For me, a good day is one where you gain new insights and the possibility to go even further with our projects and see them succeed.


You get the opportunity to walk into a new industry sector, where you can be a part of and influence the development of future systems.

What drives me?

I believe that we can make a difference. There is a lot of purpose and the work we do at Eurowind actually makes a difference in the projects we have. Everything here is very exciting and there is a lot of engagement all around in Eurowind. The company is very proactive and my colleagues are very committed to both the purpose of the company and the togetherness in the company. All the employees are great at making sure everyone else is doing their best. Everyone here can make a difference and this is also the case for new colleagues. You get the opportunity to walk into a new industry sector, where you can be a part of and influence the development of future systems. Eurowind is a strong player in this industry and in return you get a work place with great colleagues and lots of freedom with responsibility all around.

Fun fact: I have been sailing for many years, and I am a very outdoor person.
Henrik Lykke Sørensen Henrik Lykke Sørensen, Senior Business Developer

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