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Meet Inger

Inger Vestergaard Our technical expert with a passion for gardening and creativity

Who am I?

I have a background from a technical college, where my main focus was technical machine construction, and I have for many years been working in a construction department. I started my journey with Eurowind Energy as a Project Assistant, but sometimes I had difficulties figuring out which assignments were mine and which were my Project Manager’s. And then they were just like: “Well, then we should provide you with your own wind turbines to manage.” And just like that, I started a smooth transition to becoming a Technical Project Manager.


JBN EUROWIND 090322 00531

It is vital that we have a transparent culture with people sharing what they know and helping each other

How I make a difference?

With a technical background from both B2B and B2C production companies, I maintain some of our wind turbines across Denmark and Germany. In other words, I make sure that our wind turbines are in full operation at any time. If a wind turbine is suddenly not working, it is my job to find out why and contact those, who can help me fix it. My day is never the same, and this is one of the many things I love about my job. For example, I had a case that required contacting our insurance agency, and suddenly my boss came to me and asked if I liked this kind of assignment, because then he would secure that I could receive more of these.

I began my own journey in Eurowind Energy back in 2015, and a lot has happened since then. I started as a Project Assistant, and my tasks grew as I proved my worth. It was never like I became Project Manager from one day to another, but bigger tasks came along as I grew together with Eurowind. I have enjoyed being a part of this great journey, and I like the fact that there is always room for development. I have colleagues who have shown their interest and passion within another area than the one they were educated in, and Eurowind enables them to grow into a new position.

What drives me?

The company and its people. I am motivated by being the link in different tasks, and I am impressed when I see how far we have actually come. And excited to see how far we can go. There are always new projects, new challenges and no two days are alike, which is really exiting.

And then there is, of course, this special DNA that Eurowind has. This company is so decent in every aspect, and especially towards its employees. I know that my colleagues and I are central to creating this DNA, but still… This is vital for me. It is vital that we have a transparent culture with people sharing what they know and helping each other. Eurowind definitely makes it easier for me to live my everyday life, balancing my family and interests, which is something I truly value.


Fun fact: Besides running, being in my garden and so on, I am a very creative person. I don’t think that many of my colleagues know that I sew every now and then.
Inger Vestergaard Inger Vestergaard, Technical Project Manager

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