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Meet Henriette

Henriette Koch Høgh Our controller who has a passion for sailing

Who am I?

I have a degree in Financial Economics from 2005. On top of that I have a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and I got this while working full time at Eurowind Energy. Before this, I worked for many years in another similar company in Thisted. The company unfortunately went out of business, so I reached out to Eurowind. I had a lot of experience within the sector already, and many years later, I am still glad that I get to continue working in this field every day. I have been here since January 2013, and I have always thought that this sector is very fascinating. I am truly grateful that I am working with renewable energy in a company like Eurowind, where we’re constantly developing and looking into finding renewable energy sources, that will also work well in the future.

How do I make a difference?

I am a controller and I work with the accounts for Eurowind Energy A/S. I make sure that money is being transferred, when we acquire new things. I make sure to retrieve purchase documentations and other financial information from the parties we are buying from. I also work with the start-up in new countries. In the United Kingdom and Finland, I assisted with starting up accounting in the local offices. My job has many different tasks, and I appreciate that every day invites new tasks and challenges. I am a person who works best with systems, and to be able to contribute to a well-aligned system within Corporate Finance, is something I truly value.


We have such a great combination of routine tasks and development tasks, so there is something for everyone here

What drives me?

One of the things I really like about working here is that you are not alone with anything. There are people around you who you can talk to if you need help. I have tried to work at a place where I was the one who knew all the stuff and everyone came to me. But we all become insecure every once in a while, and then it is nice to have someone to talk to. In our department we have Monday meetings where we talk about the week, and whether someone is too busy or needs help with anything. We try to build an atmosphere where no such thing as a stupid question exists. My colleagues are truly amazing. They are the people who make you want to get up and go to work.

Eurowind is also a company where there is plenty of room to be challenged, if you want to be. We have such a great combination of routine tasks and development tasks, so there is something for everyone here. I would say my colleagues are amazing. Eurowind is also great at gathering their employees. We have ‘Company Days’, where they invite employees from all the different offices in the world. It means a lot to meet your international colleagues in real life. On top of this, there are also other different social gatherings, where there is room for fun and laughter, and where you do not have to talk work all the time; and this is something I value a lot.

Fun fact: My husband and I have our own sailboat, so I actually sail a lot when I am off work or during the holidays. When I was young, I sailed on the Training Ship “Denmark” and I was up crawling in the tall masts at that time.
Henriette Koch Høgh Henriette Koch Høgh, Controller, Group Finance

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