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Head of Public Affairs to Eurowind Energy A/S

Joachim Steenstrup is employed as Head of Public Affairs in a newly created position as of 1 February.

Joachim Steenstrup will be responsible for building and maintaining relations with politicians, opinion leaders and industry organizations, both in Denmark and internationally.

“As we have grown, we have noticed an increased need to retrieve information, and not least the opportunity to give our perspective to relevant decision-makers. Of course, we have already worked with Public Affairs in Eurowind Energy, but the hiring of Joachim must be seen as a systematization and further development of our efforts. We are pleased to have Joachim on board to take on that task,” says Jens Rasmussen.

Joachim Steenstrup has for a number of years worked with communication and Public Affairs in a number of large Danish companies, including Ørsted, Danske Bank and European Energy.