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Biogas is a renewable energy source and is an important section of the future fuel supply.


What is biogas used for?

By producing biogas, Eurowind Energy is one step closer to the vision of using different kinds of technology to produce renewable energy for various needs.

Biogas has an important role to play in the future energy supply to produce fuel where electrification is not possible. It is based on circular and local production and is a natural part of our vision to produce different kinds of energy for different needs and use the synergy between the different kinds of technologies.

The selection of a refined product type from hydrogen will depend on the possible off-takers in the local area to minimise transport and keep costs low.

Our vision is to create synergy between the different technologies by creating energy centres using biogas alongside the production of wind, solar PV and PtX to secure the future need for fuel and power.

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How to produce biogas

Our biogas plant applies straw, and the process secures that nutrients are maintained. This makes it possible to send the nutrients back into the soil as fertiliser. The soil should preserve all nutrients through gasification instead of burning straw and other crops. Burning removes the nutrients completely. It is a circular process, where we can use resources repeatedly instead of destroying and burning them. 

Biogas creates the foundation to produce methanol, e-fuels and other products that can benefit the heavy and transport industry.

Biogas can be converted into hydrogen and e-fuel for industries that cannot be electrified. Furthermore, depending on local needs, it can be processed into different products for industrial production and the construction industry.


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