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Welcome to Eurowind Energy

Eurowind Energy A/S is a Danish company which over the years has evolved into being a leading developer and operator of wind and PV projects. On the 10th of January 2019, Eurowind Energy A/S merged with Eniig Renewables A/S (Norlys). Eurowind Energy A/S is now owned 50 % by EWE Holding ApS and 50 % by Norlys Holding A/S.

We make investments in renewable energy projects with Denmark, Germany, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Bulgaria, the UK and Southern Europe being our primary markets.

Our head office is in Hobro, however, as we have branches in several European countries, we secure a close contact with the European market and the development of the energy industry. Project development takes place in collaboration with local competences. We only engage in projects that we, ourselves, want to invest in. That is our client's security for reliable investments.

This website will keep you updated on our latest news, initiatives and projects.

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Eurowind Energy supports Børnecancerfonden and KidsAid Danmark

Eurowind Energy have donated 10.000 DKK til Børnecancerfonden and KidsAid Danmark. The donation became a reality when Stig Tøfting lost a bet to Mirco Reimer-Elster – a bet related to the American election.

Commercial Director to Eurowind Energy

With more than 10 years of international experience within the trading business, Eurowind Energy has employed Jesper Düring Lausen from Centrica Energy Trading to a newly established position as Commercial Director. 

Head of Public Affairs to Eurowind Energy A/S

Joachim Steenstrup is employed as Head of Public Affairs in a newly created position as of 1 February. 

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