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Eurowind Energy acquires onshore development projects from Vattenfall

Eurowind Energy has closed an agreement with Vattenfall regarding the acquisition of four onshore wind development projects in Denmark. The projects are Nørrekær Enge II near Løgstør, Nørre Økse Sø close to Brovst, Hjelm Hede in Holstebro and Rejsby Hede in the municipality of Tønder. The four projects have a combined capacity of approximately 325 MW and will consist of 74 wind turbines.

When operational, the four land based wind farms will deliver green power to more than 250.000 households.

Jens Rasmussen, CEO of Eurowind Energy, says:

“We are very pleased to have reached this agreement with Vattenfall. We believe all four projects will make a significant contribution to the green transition in Denmark. The four projects are all attractive and fit very well in our existing development portfolio. Vattenfall has worked with these projects for several years and we look forward to complete this work.”

“Eurowind Energy is already the biggest developer and owner of onshore wind farms in Denmark. With these four projects we have created at portfolio that shows a clear and ambitious direction towards 2030. Onshore production of green energy will be crucial for the green transition in the years to come and we have created a very solid position in the Danish market to address that challenge.”

Vattenfall has earlier announced intentions to focus its onshore wind development to Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Sweden.

Sandra Grauers-Nilsson, Head of Onshore Wind at Vattenfall says:

“Already in 2020, we decided to refocus our target markets for onshore wind. We feel now that we brought the four Danish projects to a natural and sustainable point where Eurowind will be able to finalise them well. Vattenfall still sees Denmark as an important market, especially for offshore wind. Further, Vattenfall will keep operating our existing onshore capacity in Denmark which adds up to 210 MW.”

The financial details of the agreement will not be made public.



Facts on the four projects:

Nørrekær Enge Vindmøllepark II

20 turbines in Vesthimmerland Municipality
16 turbines i Aalborg Municipality


Nørre Økse Sø Vindmøllepark

23 old turbines in operation will be replaced by 11 modern turbines


Helmet Heath Wind Farm

12 turbines
80 MW


Rejsby Heath Wind Farm

15 turbines
101 MW


More information:

Eurowind Energy:
Joachim Steenstrup, Head of Public Affairs & Media Relations Phone +45 51 624 815 email: [email protected]

Mads Krogh, Head of Public Affairs & Media RelationsPhone: +45 22 178 178 email: [email protected]