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Eurowind Energy A/S delivers record-high results11-11-2019 - 07:55

It was another record year for Eurowind Energy A/S, which has just released its financial statements for 2018/19 with a profit before tax of EUR 28.8 m. 

The financial year 2018/19 has been another great year for Eurowind Energy A/S, where several milestones have been achieved. The long-term strategy of the company is to expand the ownership of installed capacity and thus to build an energy group with production of energy from renewable energy sources. A milestone this year has been the merger with Eniig Renewables A/S, which has consolidated our financial position and contributed to expanding our position as one of the leading  European developers and operators of renewable energy production.


The financial year has been very satisfactory. We have increased our profit before tax from EUR 16 m. in 2017/18 to EUR 28.8 m. EUR in 2018/19. Our balance sheet has increased to EUR 536.6 m. and the solvency comprises 39.0%.


Of course, we are very proud of this, and based on these results, we continue the strategy as a strong international energy group, which is at the same time a leading voice in the industry.

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