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Press release: Eurowind Energy merges with Eniig Renewables28-11-2018 - 11:47

We are proud to announce the forthcoming merger between Eurowind Energy A/S and Eniig Renewables A/S.

At the moment the 2 parties are only awaiting the formal acceptance from the Danish Competition Authority and National Consumer Agency of Denmark.

Over the years, the 2 parties have cooperated with the development and operation of several wind turbine- and solar park projects in Denmark as well as in Germany. The merger of the companies will increase future opportunities of developing and operating even more projects in a larger geographical area.

With a significant portfolio of companies in management, the negotiating position of the company will reform on the market. The synergy of this improvement is expected to be of benefit to all companies in Eurowinds management, which currently constitute a capacity of almost 1.000 MW.

Please read the full press release below.

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