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Company Days 201828-08-2018 - 13:03

Last week Eurowind Energy A/S hosted Company Days for all employees in the Eurowind Group at the Headquarters in Hobro.

It was the 4th time Eurowind hosted Company Days for the entire Eurowind Group. About 90 employees from 6 countries participated in collegial workshops. The aims of the Company Days were knowledge sharing and bringing the Eurowind group closer together – both across borders but also in between the different departments.

Eurowind's future strategy was discussed just as great focus was put on how to ’work smarter – not harder’. The office hummed with activity as workshops and presentations were going on, however, also non-work-related activities took place in the form of a football tournament taking place just outside the office building.

The Company Days are successfully completed, and now we are motivated to work on implementing the new ideas and tools, discussed during this year’s Company Days, in our daily working routines.

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