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Gearbox replacement in Wind park Elsterheide12-07-2017 - 11:57

A defect gearbox in a Vestas V90 turbine in Wind park Elsterheide was replaced. 

The area, in which the wind turbine has been erected, has previously been used to open mining after lignite.

Although the area has been re-established, the risk of landslides and soft soil has subsequently been identified. Therefore, the area surrounding the wind turbines is characterized as a so-called ‘Speergebiet’. This means that it is not permitted to enter the area with normal mobile cranes etc., which prevented Vestas from replacing the defective gearbox with normal mobile crane technology.


As the technical manager, Eurowind Energy A/S contacted the Danish company Liftra ApS that operates with Self-Hosting Crane technology. This means that the wind turbine itself is used as the basis for the crane. The crane was installed at 60 meters distance, as this was the nearest area with sufficient solid soil, and the crane then climbed to the nacelle, suspended and guided by its own wires. Vestas has never changed a major component with a Liftra crane in Europe, and the replacement therefore is the first of its kind in Europe.


It has been a long process, where Eurowind Energy A/S also has managed the coordination between the different subcontractors and companies as well as been responsible for the obtaining of the permit from Sächsisches Oberbergamt/LMBV.


The replacement went smoothly, and it was all caught on video by Liftra ApS:


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