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Repowering Wind park Krevese23-06-2017 - 15:12

Eurowind Energy A/S has completed our largest repowering project so far in Wind park Krevese in Germany.

The project received a building permit in December 2016, and the construction started January 2 2017 with the dismantling of seven Vestas V80. The wind park consists of seven Vestas V126 3.45 MW turbines on 149 meter tower (over all height of the wind turbines are 212 meter). Three turbines went into operation in April, while three turbines went into operation in May and the last turbine in June. During April 2017, a new transformer station was also installed in UW Rossau (80 MVA). The turbines are purchased with an AOM5000 service agreement.


The turbines are situated between Krevese and Stapel in Sachsen-Anhalt near another Eurowind Energy project, Wind park Rossau consisting of 11 Vestas V112.

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