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A graduate program fueled by renewable energy

The business of energy is our playground. With the Eurowind Energy Graduate Program, it can also be yours. Come play with us!

Accelerate your career

Take on a 2-year international career acceleration

The Eurowind Energy Graduate Program is a 2-year full-time position created to help you make the most of your talent. The program could look like one of the below mentioned tracks depending on your future career dreams, but nothing is set in stone – for the right candidates, we will set-up the right program.

During the two years, you will gain a deep understanding of the renewable energy sector and our company. You will be included in international projects – you might even drive them yourself.

As a Eurowind Energy Graduate, you will

  • rotate and be part of three departments to gain a broad insight in the energy sector
  • get the chance to work outside Denmark in one of your rotations
  • be a central part of projects that accelerate your experience and knowledge
  • experience a steep learning curve in a company where the best argument wins – regardless of seniority and rank
  • build a strong network of professional and dedicated colleagues.
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Choose your track

I am thrilled to be a part of EWE! The amount of responsibility that I have in my position is so much bigger than I have would anticipated, and the possibilities for further development is great. At the same time, there is a great level of freedom where you are able to plan your own work day. The overall working environment is truly amazing! We help each other despite of titles, range and I smile and have fun (while working, of course) with my colleagues each day.
Peter Bisgaard Henneberg Peter Bisgaard Henneberg, Project Finance Manager, Master of Science (MSc) in Economics and Business Administration


If you want to hear more about your possibilities, please contact us!

Rikke Alkert
Head of HR Rikke Alkert ·
Johnni Krogh
Global Talent Acquisition Manager Johnni Krogh ·
Maiken Klitgaard Sanderhoff
Executive Assistant Maiken Klitgaard Sanderhoff ·
One of the things I value the most here at EWE is that my opinion matters. I might be the youngest in our team, but my opinion is just as important as my colleagues. At EWE I truly experience an outstanding teamspirit throughout the entire organization. And to top it all off, I am truly happy that we are able to plan our own work day as it suits us.
Nikolaj Dalum Nikolaj Dalum, Project Assistant, Bachelor in Technology Management and Marine Engineering