Technical Management

Surveillance of operation

We daily monitor each and every wind turbine and PV plants comprised by our management portfolio online. We are therefore able to react immediately by error or accidental stops. Moreover, we have employed local guards, who quickly can inspect a turbine in standstill.

As part of the technical management, our customers have access to our own-developed online portal, EWEInvestor, which provides the investors with swift and direct access to information about the project(s) of which they are co-owners.

The investor portal facilitates an overview of park-specific information such as production, budgets, possible park adjustments, etc. Similarly, the investor portal is continuously updated with relevant documents such as e.g. inspection reports, minutes of investor meetings, and accounts. In addition, a logbook will be created for each project for the purposes of reporting operational occurrences that may be the reason why a wind turbine may be out of operation. The logbook will further provide information concerning planned inspections – comprising compulsory inspections, service, operational irregularities, and the similar.

Analyses and reporting

We continuously prepare reports and analyses of all wind turbines and PV parks in our management, and our investors are therefore always updated on the operation of their park(s).

We initiate and monitor compulsory inspections and planned service. Thanks to our many qualified employees, we perform inspections in both Denmark and abroad. Our employees moreover calculate lost production due to park regulation, also known as Last Management.

We handle all technical demands for public grid connection such as approval of reference value and handling of agreements. This also includes organization and coordination of necessary disconnection and connection of breakers on site.

Economies of scale

Eurowind Energy A/S is Denmark's largest administrator of land-based wind park projects. Our size means that we are a significant player in the business and we are able to provide our customers with competitive prices from external suppliers. This includes among others attractive power sale agreements, service agreements, insurances, interest rates etc.

Each year, we buy a large number of wind turbines and are therefore an interesting player for turbine suppliers. We continuously challenge the suppliers’ performance and have a healthy skepticism towards all suppliers. We take a stand and have a position.