Commercial Management


We attend to bookkeeping and accounting for all companies under our management. This includes that we prepare VAT settlements, yearly cash flow budgets and forecasts as well as half-yearly and yearly accounts, including holding of general meetings. We attend to the coordination and communication with banks, tax advisors, insurances, landowners etc. Moreover, we handle the allocation or transfer to any Danish loans with a monthly documentation in the form of Dividend Statement.

We also provide consultancy with respect to the financing of the turbines or PV plants and we can secure that both new financing of projects and existing parks (refinancing) achieve attractive interest rate and loan terms.


We secure the quality of the auditing work – in collaboration with external auditing firms. Through a close cooperation between our qualified employees and our accountants, we coordinate the auditing process.

We are in a position to obtain auditing agreements at exceptionally competitive prices – owing to economies of scale.

Sale of electricity

We secure our clients with the best possible terms and prices with respect to the sale of produced electricity to the public grid connection. Our qualified employees continuously follow the development of the current legislation regarding the sale of electricity in the countries where we operate.