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9.09.2021 г.

Eurowind Energy changes logo

Since 2006, Eurowind Energy has been recognized by our white and light blue wind turbine logo. Time has gone by, and we have developed even further and are developing not only wind projects, but also solar and hybrid projects.

We will therefore be changing our visual identity to a more contemporary look and feel. We will of course still be Eurowind Energy as you know it, but this means that you in the time to come will experience two versions of us. The logo as you have known it since 2006 and the new logo.

You will also explore elements of our overall new identity in our new video.

We can’t wait to get our new logo out worldwide, and we are excited to share our new homepage with you later this year.

If you have any questions, please contact Head of Marketing & Communication, Gitte Munkholm Stadsgaard: +45 2230 8061 or [email protected].

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