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Eurowind Energy launches five energy centers

Eurowind Energy is set to launch five large land-based energy centers in Denmark, which the North Jutland energy company will work to complete over the coming years. The five energy centers will have a total capacity of approximately 2.5 GW.

The first will be Energipark Aalborg, which is located at Nordjyllandsværket in Aalborg and will be supplemented by electricity from turbines in Brønderslev Municipality. The other four projects are Nørrekær Enge II in Vesthimmerland and Aalborg municipalities, Energipark Overgaard in Randers Municipality, and Energipark Gasse Hede and Vollum Enge in Tønder Municipality.

Eurowind Energy has entered into agreements with the landowners for the use of the land on all five projects. Overgaard Energy Park is already Denmark's largest onshore wind farm and an application has now been made for planning consent for more than 700 hectares of solar PV. For the Nørrekær Enge II, Gasse Hede and Vollum Enge projects, Eurowind Energy is in dialogue with the municipalities, while the planning process is underway in Aalborg and Brønderslev.

Jens Rasmussen, CEO of Eurowind Energy, said:

"Our starting point is always that we have secured the rights to use the land, so we have something specific to announce. We have now come so far on all five projects that we can share the wider perspectives of our energy centers. Common to all the projects is that they are much more than just another wind farm. These will be major centers where green energy is produced and processed on a very significant scale."

According to Eurowind Energy, the plan is that all five projects will include wind turbines, solar PV, batteries, and PtX (hydrogen production). In addition to this, work is being done on how biogas and hydrogen refining can become part of the parks.

“Solar PV and wind turbines will always be the starting point for us. They produce the green power that is used in the other parts of the energy center. That part is in place. We are also working with battery technology, because this way we can provide balance services to the electricity grid. We have already tested batteries and will perform several tests at our plant at Greenlab Skive. We also count on electrolysis as part of all our energy centers and our medium-sized energy parks. We are relatively advanced in the work with PtX as a natural part of a park,” Jens Rasmussen said.

At the same time, Eurowind Energy is working to include biogas and the next steps in the refining of hydrogen as part of the energy centers.

“There is a major need for more locally produced biogas in combination with green electricity production. Our starting point is always the green power. However, more biogas will help to phase out the use of Russian gas and natural gas from the North Sea. We also believe the soil should preserve all nutrients through gasification instead of burning straw and other crops. Burning removes the nutrients completely. When it comes to the refining of hydrogen, it would be smart to carry out the process near a CO2 source such as biogas", Jens Rasmussen explained.

According to Jens Rasmussen, there is also one last important point:

“Our concept of large energy centers can be exported. We are active in 14 other markets, both in Europe and the US, and in most of those markets, we will be able to transfer the idea of energy centers with very limited modifications. Energy centers can become an export opportunity that we must not underestimate.”

Eurowind Energy has built several hybrid parks with both solar PV and wind turbines in Denmark. Plans are being drawn up to upgrade these parks to energy centers in a few years’ time.

Facts about the energy centers:

Energipark Aalborg:
19 wind turbines with a total height of 150 meters (applied for planning permit at Aalborg Municipality)
375 hectares of solar PV (applied for planning permit at Aalborg Municipality)
15 wind turbines with a total height of 150 meters (applied for planning permit at Brønderslev Municipality)

Energipark Overgaard:
26 wind turbines with a total height of 150 meters (in operation)
+700 hectares of solar PV (applied for planning permit at Randers Muncipality)

Nørrekær Enge II:
40 turbines with a total height of 170 meters (located in Vesthimmerland and Aalborg municipalities)
Suggestions for solar PV under planning

Gasse Hede:
8 turbines with a total height of 150 meters (applied for planning permit at Tønder Municipality)
46 hectares of solar PV (applied for planning permit at Tønder Municipality)

Vollum Enge:
10 turbines with a total height of 180 meters (applied for planning permit at Tønder Municipality)
190 hectares for solar PV (applied for planning permit at Tønder Municipality)


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