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Eurowind Energy enters the US market

Eurowind Energy A/S is stepping into the US market, and will potentially be ready to build in 2022.

“The American market is big and very different from what we know. It is also commercially attractive for us. With the experience we have built up during the past 15 years, we believe that we now have the necessary competences and knowledge to become a central part of the US market. Therefore, we have established a subsidiary company, and will in the months to come establish an office location in California.”, explains Jens Rasmussen, CEO in Eurowind Energy A/S.

It will be an experienced employee who will be in charge of the American subsidiary. The man in charge is Bo Schøler, who until now has been Country Manager for the Danish division at the headquarter in Hobro, Denmark. He will now be moving to the US with his family.

“Bo has been a very central part of the success that we have in the Danish division and here in Denmark in general. Bo has been a key stone to building up Eurowind Energy here in Denmark for the past 13 years. We feel confident that the competences Bo has are the right ones when it comes to establishing Eurowind Energy in the American market.”, Jens Rasmussen elaborates. His successor will be the Danish divisions former team manager, Jesper Houe, who has been a part of Eurowind Energy’s since 2015.

Eurowind Energy has through the American subsidiary, Eurowind Energy USA LLC, entered into a cooperation with a North American partner and a German partner, Wind Works Power. Eurowind Energy USA LLC already has three projects under development, in cooperation with our partners, consisting of three hybrid projects in California of 800 MW. In addition to this, Eurowind Energy USA LLC cooperates with Wind Works Power concerning two solar projects in Texas with a total capacity of 330 MW with grid access. Later this year, it will be clear if the projects are ready to be build next year.

The Managing Director for Eurowind Energy USA LLC, Bo Schøler, elaborates on entering the American market:

“I really look forward to starting up Eurowind Energy on US soil. It will be a great challenge – professionally, as well as privately. It will be exciting to start from scratch again, but this time in the US. Thanks to a great team, we have had, and still have, a huge success in Denmark, and hopefully we will be able to repeat the success in US, both via organic growth and strategic cooperation partners.”

The subsidiary company Eurowind Energy USA LLC is a part of Eurowind Energy A/S, and it is expected that the company is well established with an office in California, USA in the beginning of 2022.


Questions? Please contact: Head of Public Affairs & Media Relations, Joachim Steenstrup: +45 5262 4815

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