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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Our civic responsibility is incorporated in our business approach

At EWE, CSR is a basic element of the Group's entire business approach and forms an integral part of the Group’s code of conduct. EWE focuses on operating the Group in a responsible manner, thus supporting the Group's aim of a sustainable development of society and the environment in both short and long term.

Strong relations to customers and co-investors
Dialogue with customers and co-investors is essential to EWE. EWE values a constructive and open dialogue with partners, as the Group wishes to be a transparent and reliable partner to its customers and co-investors. EWE works daily towards creating long-lasting and mutually attractive relations to the Group’s customers based on dialogue and cooperation. EWE achieves this by investing together with its customers and, in cooperation, optimising their common wind turbine and PV investments. EWE listens to the expectations of the different parties, for example by taking part in public meetings and conducting general meetings, and makes every effort to meet these expectations.

Teamwork is the key to our success
It is vital for EWE to create a work environment based on mutual trust and respect, and we place a high value on a commitment from all employees to comply with the Group's values.
EWE is positive towards the continued education of the Group’s employees, and this is encouraged through relevant training activities for the individual employee. EWE similarly supports the employees’ desire for exercise in their spare time, by arranging joint events for the employees. For example, EWE is a regular participant in the DHL relay race in Aarhus, Denmark.

Reduction of the world’s CO2-emission is our goal
The global society is facing huge changes to the energy system, with more efficient energy use as the highest priority. EWE strives towards a reduction in the world’s CO2-emissions, starting at the Group’s own Headquarters in Denmark, which is an energy-optimised building that includes a suntracker, a PV system, a household wind turbine and geothermal heating. The Group also contributes to a globally sustainable development through cross-border projects.