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Eurowind Energy A/S was founded by Danish wind energy investors in 2006

Jens and Søren Rasmussen
Jens and Søren Rasmussen

The first years
Two of the company's founders, Jens and Søren Rasmussen, grew up in the wind energy industry. Their father was one of the first wind turbine manufacturers in Denmark, and therefore the family had a natural and professional focus on the technology and operation of wind turbines.

In 1998-2000 – during the Danish wind turbine boom – Jens and Søren invested in their first wind turbines together with their father. At the time, their father had left the manufacturing industry in order to focus on investments.

The first investments in Germany
Successful investments in Denmark contributed to aspirations of investments abroad, and in 2003 Jens and Søren started investing in wind turbines in Germany. In Germany, the brothers came in contact with lawyer Jakob Kortbæk, who already knew the German market very well.

Today the three of them are joint owners of Eurowind Energy A/S.

Eurowind Energy's development from establishment to where it is today

1996-2000: Investment in 12 wind turbines in Denmark.

2001-2005: Analysis of the German market and the first investment (acquisition of 6 MW in Germany). Sale of 60 MW wind energy in collaboration with a major wind turbine developer.

2006-2007: The foundation of Eurowind Energy A/S as a merger of Søren Rasmussen’s, Jens Rasmussen’s and Jakob Kortbæk’s individual assets within the wind turbine industry.

2008-2011: Germany as the primary market and a further expansion of the market to comprise Poland as well as Romania.

2012-2015: Focus on the development and construction of own-development wind farms in Denmark and abroad plus growth in assets under management and operation (TCM). Take on a major TCM portfolio at year-end 2014 (resulting in an aggregate portfolio of approx. 700 MW). Focus on the optimisation of agreements and operations within TCM.

2016-2017: The opening of an office in Portugal, to be focused on searching for potential solar-cell and wind-power projects in South Europe. The opening of a Swedish-based office together with the purchase of a major development portfolio. Continued focus on the development and construction of own-development farms together with the optimisation of TCM activity.

THE FUTURE: Focus on own development and construction of wind farms in existing markets. The goal is the management of 1,000 MW by means of own development and taking on the management of external farms where economies of scale and negotiating muscle will benefit existing as new clients. In the long term, 1-3 new countries are expected to join the group’s focus area.